Advent of Code Day 2

Day 2 of Advent of Code1.

The following is my solution for Part 2. Part 1 was some modification of this.

import collections
lines = []
for line in open("input2.txt"):
# lines.sort() // unsure if saves time or wastes time
for i in range(len(lines)):
    for j in range(i,len(lines)):
        x = [ord(a) ^ ord(b) for a,b in zip(lines[i],lines[j])]
        xc = sum(i > 0 for i in x)
        if xc == 1:

As I had labeled in the comment, sorting the lines didn’t appear to cause a noticeable difference in performance for the input size. I haven’t looked at the effects on larger or smaller inputs, but from what I gathered from a friend that running similar code in Clojure, sorting did have a magnitude of performance increase.